Barbeque Time!

Barbeque Time!

Barbeque Time!

Football season is upon us, and that means tailgating and barbeques.  RV Parts Canada has all your tailgating and barbeque needs.


Are you the BBQ king or queen? Then make sure you have your checklist! Always remember to have your trusty Olympian Grill Storage Bag! The Olympian storage bag is designed from heavy-duty polyester and has a zipper enclosure.  This bag will hold your barbeque accessories along with a 1-lb disposable propane cylinder.


Do you have the firepower you need? If not the then the Olympian GM3 Continuous Ignition GasMatch 14-3/4’L is what you need.  The barbecue lighter operates with Butane (Not Included) and 1AA battery (Included).  What about a good pair of scissors?  The Camco provide multi-purpose scissors is the product you need for any situation.  The multi-purpose scissors also include a screwdriver, can opener, wrench, wire stripper, wire cutter, bottle opener and knife.  You cannot go wrong with this pair of scissors.




 Do you need a whole new setup? We got that!  The Faulkner Portable Propane BBQ Stainless Steel grill is what you want.  The portable grill has a removeable grill rack and drip tray for easy cleaning, folding legs for use on a flat surface and a built-in thermometer.  It operates from a disposable cylinder, portable tank or an on-board RV propane (Hose not Included).  However, if you need a hose for your grill, we can help with that.  The Sidekick Grill Propane Hose includes a quick connect fitting 4’L.



Maybe you're the type of person to cook over the open flame? Rather you want to cook like the old times than the Pioneer Campfire Grill fire pit grates is what you want.  Maybe you want to get a swing on things than the Camco Tripod Grill & Lantern Holder is the way to go.  Maybe you just want to sit around the fire well the Stromberg Carlson Fire Pit Poker will help you keep it going safely.  The Camco Hotdog Roaster will enhance your camping experience.  There is nothing better than roasting your hotdogs over an open fire or making s’mores with the kids.



Whether you're an open flame person or a barbecue wizard RV Parts Canada has all your propane needs. If you need a new valve the Camco provide Olympian barbeque valves with regulator for 4100 and 5100 barbeque grills is perfect.  The valve accepts disposable propane cylinders and can be adjusted from 7000 to 12000 BTU per hour.





One of the not so fun things about camping is all the bugs. Make sure you're protected with shields and the ThermaCELL patio shield will give you the shield you need. Don't forget to make sure it's always on hand with the ThermaCELL refills.  Remember once the weather cools those pesky bugs will be gone. Keep track the easy way with the KleerTemp Electrostatic Windowpane Thermometer.




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