Parts You May Not Realize You Need

Parts You May Not Realize You Need

Parts You May Not Realize You Need!

The RVing season is coming to a close soon, but maybe you are not ready to think about it yet.  However, you may want to think about some more minor things you have been putting off but need to be done.  



As we all know, when you have a flat roof, you will probably have to make some repairs and make sure everything is sealed up with a self-leveling sealant.




While you are up on the roof, making sure everything is sealed up, you may need to replace your roof vents.  You never know; maybe you may want to take a trip during the colder months, and it's about to get smokey from time to time.  When that happens, we have you covered with new roof vents.



We have always been told to check the batteries on your smoke alarm and co2 detectors, and not sure about you. I do this around Christmas time.  However, at that point, the RV may be in storage, and you have forgotten about doing it.  In life, we are always told to expect the unexpected, and when an emergency happens, the quicker you know, the faster you can act.  The co/lp detectors are what you want.





Another thing that not everyone may think about or be worried that something has happened to their wires.  Better to be prepared for that possibility with these surge protectors to protect your valuables.

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