RV Alarms--Why It's So Important

RV Alarms--Why It's So Important


There are countless reasons why safety in your RV is important--some more important than others! Regardless, it is very important to have alarms in your RV for things like Carbon Monoxide, Gas/Propane, and Smoke. We might not always think about the CO or gas/propane alarms at home as many houses are run with electric, but this is something we need to think about with our home on wheels. 

One of the first reasons why purchasing a working alarm for your RV is so important is health risks for you and your family. Breathing in carbon monoxide can cause a number of health problems including headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, trouble breathing, loss of consciousness. If you aren't able to notice a smell on your own, the detector will be able to sound an alarm when there is CO in the air. If it alerts you, vacate the RV immediately and shut off all gas valves. CO and pilot lights can cause an explosion leading to possible injuries and even death. 

Propane and gas detectors can help to prevent your RV from exploding--and health complications from happening. Being alerted that there is a gas leak is crucial if there is one. Shut off all lines immediately and exit the RV. Open windows and allow the rooms to air out before returning back inside. 

We hate to think of it, but things catch fire. Sometimes, if we are sleeping especially, we don't notice and without a working smoke alarm, the worst could potentially happen. Having a working smoke alarm could save you and your family's lives. 

Remember--spending the money on a couple of alarms and detectors can and will save you money, time, and possibly lives in the future! Head on over to our RV Alarms and Safety page and purchase yours today!